Heal Yourself to Heal Humanity

BookCoverImage_JourneyHealing yourself is the greatest gift you can give humanity.  We are here on earth to walk a spiritual path that will bring us back to the essence of who we are – heart and soul.  When you take on the responsibility to live an inner directed life and heal yourself you will help everyone to do the same.  By accepting the love that you are, you are healing yourself.  We are all one – one mind, one heart, united in the essence of God.  So when you heal yourself, you heal the mind and heart of everyone.  You must accept your role of living in peace and harmony for the world to live in peace and harmony.

When you begin to see the essence of truth in others, you will begin to see the power of who you truly are.  You have to develop the inner skills of holding yourself with love and compassion to be able to relate to the world with love and compassion.  You must not wait for someone else to do the work or bring you the change you desire.  Only you have the power to change the world.  Only you have the ability to heal yourself.  When you start to live with reverence for the holy essence within, you will develop respect, authenticity, and empowerment while encouraging everyone to do the same.  When we are empowered, it is not a threat for others to empower themselves.

In what ways can you build reverence, or deep respect, for your power as a divine being of light within your partnership with your horse?  Can you grow compassion in your heart?  Can you forgive yourself?  Can you trust enough to surrender – even slightly?  Can you embrace the unknown?  Can you embrace your fear?  Can you welcome all of your emotions?

In what ways can you build reverence for your horse’s power as a divine being of light?  Can you support your horse’s growth and learning?  Can you empathize with his fear?  Can you guide him to freedom and autonomy?  Can you trust him to make his own choices?  Can you choose to see the reason for his actions and reactions?  Can you embrace all of his qualities without judging them as good or bad?

As we work with the horse we can begin to create a space of healing for horse and human alike.  We can surrender old grievances.  We can shift from living in fear to living in love.  The power to heal is within us and as we embrace our greatness we heal humanity.  Your horse is waiting for you to see your interconnection.  He is willing to guide you to transform and transcend your habitual patterns of thought.  He is willing to carry you to emotional freedom and the deep peace that results from living in your heart.  You must be willing to meet him with a desire to heal yourself and your partnership.

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This post is part of a year-long series of heart reflections based on the book Soulful Horsemanship, A Path to Emotional Freedom for the Horse and Human.  Soulful Horsemanship is a spiritual approach to working with horses with the goal of developing empowerment, authenticity, and inner peace for the horse and human alike.  The entire collection of heart opening essays is available as a book – check it out.

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