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  1. Really interesting. … I don’t know if you are aware of http://www.chrisirwin.com but he is an amazing intuitive horse trainer. I worked with him for about a year and it changed my entire way of being with my horse and my self. Literally changed my life in ways I had no idea were possible. He, perhaps, epitomizes what you refer to as “soulful” horsemanship. His enlightened way of being with horses has helped me to see my own relationship with them in an entirely new light. If I had a problem horse I could not “fix” myself I would only work with an Irwin-trained trainer. Part of the problem with that horse would be me and they would know that and give me the tools that would help to make the world a better place for both of us. … Be well, Dorothy :-)

    • I just recently discovered Chris Irwin and read his books. We are very aligned in our thought processes of horses and humans and I am excited to learn from him. I think we have a similar foundation of thought and from there take a slightly different approach. We all have to learn to filter our knowledge through our own intuition and beliefs which I am also still working on. He has made a great contribution to the horse world and I am thrilled that he impacted your riding as well as your life. That’s what Soulful Horsemanship is all about! I wish you joy with your horses.

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your website last night and I am really enjoying it! It’s great to see more people enjoy and wanting a deeper relationship with their equine partner. I find you sound a lot like Carolyn Resnick. I’m not sure if you have heard of her or not, she is from California. I LOVE her teachings. She allows horses to have an opinion instead of forcing the horse to bury their feelings causing mental and physical stress.
    Thanks for a wonderful website, I will continue to explore and enjoy!

    • I am so glad you found my website and that it is resonating with you. I recently became aware of Carolyn Resnick but have yet to read her book or really study her techniques. It is so exciting that we are at a point in our relationship with horses that new approaches are arising that truly honor horses – and that people are ready to embrace it! I hope you get a lot out of the site. I always welcome questions – one may even turn into a future article. All the best!

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