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    • I really enjoyed reading this horses have help me with my emotional probems….. ive trained alot of abused horses and one that ive keeped and had for 8 years has help me find myself. reading this refreshed my memory of my love for the horse and how much help they bring us torcherd soles. even if they dont know it, horses are a pleasure to have to help bring peace to ourselves

      • It sounds like the right horse entered your life to help you learn the lessons that you needed to. I couldn’t agree more that horses have the potential to bring peace us – it all depends on how we choose to work with them. May you find peace with your horses! All the best.

      • I couldn’t agree more! They’ve helped me through a difficult few years which now, finally, I feel I’m coming out the other side of.
        Horses are an integral part of my life and I feel honoured to have that opportunity!

  1. a really wonderful post. i do not know much about horses so this was an enlightening read. thank you for sharing their authenticity so beautifully. namaste, aleya

  2. this is a little over my head but I do believe horses have their individual personalities and I love that – I love that every single one of my beautiful boys is different and I celebrate that always. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Well, I think you got one of the most important parts – to see that each horse has his own personality and must be respected for who he is. With different personalities, we potentially need different approaches for each of our beloved horses. Thanks for stopping by. All the best!

  3. Hello Stef – What a beautiful blog. I have just read Your Story as well as the very well articulated article above. Love it! The reason I am replying, other than to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog, is to invite you to connect with my wife Katie, who has been on her own journey and runs an organization called Healing Horses in SC. I think you would both enjoy connecting – even though you are at other ends of the country!
    Here is a link to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HealingHorses.us and you can connect directly to her through info@healinghorses.us
    I will also send her the link to this article – I know she will love to read it. She talks this way too :)
    Keep spreading the message … and so happy you have found your special place …
    My best …. Ed

    • Ed – Thank you for such wonderful feedback. I would love to connect with your wife. I just looked at the Healing Horses Facebook page and website – wow! What a wonderful organization. I am always thrilled to connect with like-minded individuals to support one another on this path. Thank you for connecting. Many blessings, Stef

      • I have sent Katie the link to your blog Stef. The more people waving the same flag, the better it will be for the horses, and ultimately, we believe, for people. Lovely to meet you, Ed

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